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How To Manifest ANYTHING You Want In 2024 | Greg Kuhn & Brandon Eastman

January 16, 2024 Brandon Eastman Episode 354
The Be Better Broadcast
How To Manifest ANYTHING You Want In 2024 | Greg Kuhn & Brandon Eastman
Show Notes

Have you ever thought about something and before long, it showed up in your life?

Maybe you thought of a certain car, and you began to see it around town.

Or, you thought of an old friend, and all of a sudden you notice them calling you on your phone or showing up on your social media.

This is the process of Manifestation. 

The beauty of it? You can intentionally use manifestation to create the reality of your choice.

How does it work? It's simple: You get what you think about most of the time.

2024 can be your year to create into reality all it is that you want for your finances, body, business, the list goes on!

I invited Greg Kuhn onto The Be Better Broadcast to discuss the intricacies of manifestation, along with how you can use it in your life!

In our conversation we discuss

🌟 The science behind manifestation (& PROOF that it works,)
🌟 How to set manifestation in action immediately, and
🌟 The 3 step process to achieve ANY goal this year!

A professional educator, coach, writer, speaker, and podcaster, Greg Kuhn has been teaching people how to change their beliefs and manifest the reality they truly desire since 2013. 

Using a method forged in the fires of personal and professional disaster, Greg teaches you how to change your reality and assume your role as the CEO of your life. Which all results in finally manifesting your most important desires!

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