The Be Better Broadcast

How To Fast Track Your Career In 2024

December 19, 2023 Brandon Eastman Episode 349
The Be Better Broadcast
How To Fast Track Your Career In 2024
Show Notes

What are your career goals for 2024?

Whether you're building your business or advancing up the corporate ladder, once thing is for sure:

You need a PLAN!

"We overestimate what we can accomplish in one year, but greatly UNDERestimate what we can do in a decade." - Tony Robbins

Let these 4 industry experts give you a hand in building your career in 2024.

Each offers different skills and strategies to fast track your way to the top (or, wherever you are headed!)

In this conversation, we will dive into how to:

👉🏻 Build rapport FASTER with different personalities, 
👉🏻 Navigate the politics of the corporate world,
👉🏻 Become a more effective public speaker, &
👉🏻 Adapt to the changes in your career.

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