The Be Better Broadcast

4 Tips To Take Back Your Fitness In 2024

December 14, 2023 Brandon Eastman Episode 348
The Be Better Broadcast
4 Tips To Take Back Your Fitness In 2024
Show Notes

By mid-February, 80% of New Years resolutions are forgotten.

It's NOT lack of motivation...
It's NOT lack of desire...

It's because we fail to create a strong PLAN.

"A goal without a plan is only a dream." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What if you had a step-by-step game-plan to take back your fitness in 2024?

Health is everything, and a strong body results in a strong mind!

I invited 4 health experts to share their thoughts on the ONE thing you can do in 2024 to master your physical health once and for all.

In this conversation we will dive into

👉🏻 How to stay MOTIVATED to master your health,
👉🏻 How your physical health is impacting your mental health, and
👉🏻 The ONE thing you can do NOW to build momentum physically!

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